Using Fast-Reports with Delphi

Hi all,
Using Delphi 10.4

So I have never used Fast Report before and I’m struggling to get the link between Delphi and Fast Report.

Unfortunately - Fast Report help desk only do the normal and only directs one to rather unhelpful examples.

Can someone please give me a plain English explanation of how I can transfer / populate data in the Fast Report manually from my Delphi application

Ie what variables in Fast report do I set up, what and how do I set up the on-need data in Fast Reports and how do I link a on need data event in Delphi - If I have those event handlers wrong - please direct me accordingly.

Many many thanks in advance
Grant Brown

Hi Grant

You link your dataset to the report via a TfrxdbDataset component (there are others as well).
The TfrxDbDataset.username will appear in the designer via Report…Data. Once selected you can design your report around it. (There is a report wizard you can use in the designer)
You pass variables (they are variants) to your TfrxReport object report in code like this

frxReport1.Variables.Variables[‘SomeVariable’] := #39 + ‘some variable string etc’ + #39 ;
(You should quote the string variables)

Then if you run the designer in your app you can use the variable