UVC - USB Video Class

Does anyone know about the USB Video Class UVC? I have a customer who wants to implement a take snapshot on a videoscope via USB - there is a button on the videoscope. The section in the attached doc is on page 32. Did a quick google on UVC and Delphi but no great results. An example would be nice.

UVC 1.5 Class specification.pdf (2.1 MB)

Did you come across this in your searches? GitHub - libuvc/libuvc: a cross-platform library for USB video devices

I know it’s not specifically Delphi, however I expect it would be possible to call into the library from Delphi.

Thanks David. Yes, I did see this and saw it is a cross platform tool. Was hoping for something to work with VCL.

Also found this but with no action since 2013, it is pretty ancient.

I see Winsoft have some camera/video tools so will look there. Components > Effects and Multimedia > Video. Torry's Delphi Pages

ImageEn and/or IEVision seems like it may do what you want. See Download ImageEn, Image Display and Editing Library for Delphi, C++ Builder and .NET

Thanks Geoff. I had a quick look at this but the image tools do not seem to support UVC. We are using a videoscope which uses UVC and can only access the buttons through the UVC interface.

The videoscope manufacturer says Point 1–The take picture button is base on basic UVC protocol, you can try a public software called ‘Amcap’ to test it.

Currently the Java programmer is looking into this but has not managed to figure it out. I was hoping to do something in Delphi to help him along.