VCL Component Package

Hi all,

Im using Delphi 10.4 community edition.

This version has a very limited array of components on the palate

I need to expand the selection and as such I was looking at Jedi VCL components that I used many years ago but from what I can gather it is some what difficult to get it to load into Delphi 10.4.

Can any one suggest a more modern VCL package of components that can more easily be incorporated into Delphi 10.4

Main component types I need are Visual Components to enable better list and grid display of data to users (non DB aware) and editing components such as entering dollar values etc

Also components that enable better looking user forms

At some stage I will need some sort of help file component as well

Anything else will be a complete bonus.

Any thing that reflects the vast array of components in Jedi would be absolutely awesome.

Thanks in advance
Grant Brown

I have JVCL installed in Delphi 10.4 and it works fine. I don’t have the community edition version, but I don’t think that will be an issue. To install, go

  • Tools->GetIt Package manager
  • search for JCL first and install, then JVCL.
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It might be worth checking your Community License. I seem to recall the first Community releases had restrictions on loading third party components. Not sure if it was a technical limitation.

There’s no technical limitation on installing third party components in 10.4 CE that I’m aware of.

I’d just add that the OP is likely to be unsatisfied with what is available for UI improvements for free. My personal recommendation is to have a look at component sets from any of these:

Developer Express

The downside, naturally, is the cost.

I suspect the community edition is like the trial version, it does not have the command line compiler - this can be a problem for installers that call dcc32 (and for FinalBuilder too).