Vintage Delphi Videos online

Michael Riley did a great job of collecting together the difficult to find info from CodeRage 3 (2008)

Some presentations we might never see again … :sleepy:

Delayed exception Handling - Jim McKeeth
CodeRage 3 - December 2008

Unfortunately none of these videos seem to be available any more.
Has anyone got any archived copies of them?
(Not to mention any of the other Coderages more than a few years old?)


Hi @lexedmonds , David Millington thinks they still exist and has forwarded a message on about the CodeRage 2 videos and getting them back online.

CodeRage 3 onwards have a chance of being on the old site … or YouTube.

Thanks. He’s right. There are 275 old Delphi videos here:


Have you embraced your inner software plumber yet?

David Schwartz.

7 years old :open_mouth: and I don’t believe I’ve encountered this talk before.

It’s an awesome look at very understandable Delphi scenarios (esp. with forms) and how to improve modularity and separation.

Constructor injection, Property injection, and the use of Interfaces. I feel like this talk is a great step toward the Dependency injection that eg Nick Hodges has given presentations on.