VLC Player 64bit

Does anyone have VLC player (the 64bit DLL) working in Delphi?
I load the 64bit DLL like this
DLL := ‘C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\libvlc.dll’;
FDllHandle := LoadLibrary(PChar(ExtractFilePath(DLL)+‘libvlccore.dll’));
FDllHandle := LoadLibrary(PChar(DLL));

But all the GetProcAddress functions fail, even though I can see the exports in the DLL.

Sorry, no.
But perhaps try putting your executable into the VLC directory,
and see if it works then.

Maybe also simplify the loadlibrary to just the DLL (without dependancy, or path)

GetAProcAddress vs GetProcAddress??

Have a look at https://prog.olsztyn.pl/paslibvlc/

Makes it very easy to use VLC in Delphi.

For the future benefit of anyone having a similar problem, here is the solution and possible keywords for resolution.

The code/freeware/project I was using was uTLibVLC
FDllHandle was declared as an integer. I suspect the clue to help me realise there was a problem was that LoadLibrary for the libvlc.dll resulted in a negative integer whereas the other DLL’s had positive handles i.e. integer overflow.

Changing FDllHandle : integer; to FDllHandle : HMODULE; fixed the problem.