VS Code Live Share

I’ve had a chance to set up and use VSC Live Share recently to help someone out with some C code :cry: :slight_smile:

Being able to connect several people to the one editor is cool.
It’d be great to have this for the Delphi and C++Builder IDEs (… and Dev-Cpp).
… Maybe SynEdit is the place to start … :thinking:

Apparently you can do a live share between VS Code and Visual Studio too.

JBuilder used to have this feature and it was really handy with distributed teams, probably even more so these days with better bandwidth.

Is the VS solution’s protocol/infrastructure open?

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ummm … I think. VS Codium … VSCodium - Open Source Binaries of VSCode.

and … VS Code source …

Other apps …
Open source for Mac:

Open source for Atom on all platforms:

VS Live Share is NOT open source it seems …

chrisdias commented on May 11, 2018


Live Share is still in its infancy and the source is highly volatile right now. Because of this, we are not ready to release the code, accept external contributions, and more importantly we are not ready to solidify any APIs on which you could build.

So for now, we are focused on releasing updates to Live Share rapidly, enabling folks to kick the tires with the latest bits and to help validate the scenarios.

Live Share is an extension to VS Code, so for the time being please do file issues here: GitHub - MicrosoftDocs/live-share: Real-time collaborative development from the comfort of your favorite tools and as the service matures we’ll be in a better position to move to an open development model, like we have with VS Code.

Thanks for understanding our current state and hopefully this gives you enough insight into where we want to go.