Want a DeLorean?

(Google) Gemini API Developer Competition

Apply your AI skills to the future and show the world its potential impact. You’re in the driver’s seat, perhaps literally. Kaggle has partnered with Google to launch the Gemini API Developer competition at Google I/O.

Challenge yourself to build innovative apps with the Gemini API and compete for the grand prize: a custom electric 1981 DeLorean and over $1 million in prizes. Showcase your Gemini API integration skills by creating apps that seamlessly integrate Gemini into specialized categories like Flutter, Android, and more.

You can now incorporate advanced LLM functionality into any app you build. Look out for a beginner-friendly course soon, or accelerate directly into code now. The most impactful app will get the highest monetary prize, $300,000. The best overall submission will drive away in an electrically retrofitted custom 1981 DeLorean.

Experts from each specialty will judge submissions on remarkability, creativity, usefulness, impactfulness, and execution.

How will you impact the world with programmatic access to the latest LLM via the Gemini API?
You have 12 weeks before you’re “outta time.”

Good Luck,
The Kaggle Team

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