We invite you to present to ADUG Symposium 2023

The ADUG Committee has started planning for our 2023 Symposium scheduled for late April or May 2023.

One of the highlights of past symposia has been presentations made by our members.

Presentations have included new ideas on applications, presented techniques for debugging and different ways of implementing solutions. Other presentations have been simply an interesting and unusual application or the journey on developing it.

This is an opportunity to share what you are doing, and get support, feed back and ideas from other members.

It is also an opportunity to help keep ADUG a strong community for sharing ideas and knowledge.

If you have something you can talk about, please consider presenting. Most importantly you don’t need to be a polished speaker or presenter.

The first step is to send the committee an outline of your talk. This might be a long talk taking up a 60-75 minutes or a shorter talk, maybe 20 or 30 minutes.

Please send your outline to Sue (Vice President)

The committee looks forward to hearing from you.

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Hey All,

I would be happy to present something.

Would anyone like to make a few suggestions that they would like to know about and I’ll present it.

I have a few ideas of my own – but I would rather present something someone else is interested in!


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I have never actually used madExcept and it has evolved a lot since I looked at it. So I would be keen to see a presentation on it.

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