WebView4Delphi :

Salvador Díaz Fau, author of CEF4Delphi. on fb.

“I just published a new project in GitHub called WebView4Delphi.
WebView4Delphi allows you to embed Chromium based web browsers in your Delphi or Lazarus applications using the WebView2 runtime.
It uses the latest stable version of the WebView2 nuget package 1.0.1054.31.
I used many of the tricks I learned creating CEF4Delphi and you will notice many similarities if you used it.
I still have to write the documentation but you can build the available demos to see it working in VCL, FMX and Lazarus apps.
There are a few things pending like the “windowless mode”.
It’s being distributed with a simple MIT license so anyone can do whatever s/he wants with it.”