Where is FastReports Embarcadero Edition for Alexandria?

I can’t find the bundled FastReports for Delphi Alexandria, has anyone got it installed in their Delphi 11?

For the past few releases it’s been in GetIt and according to the Alexandria feature matrix that’s where it is still supposed to be.

However using Delphi Enterprise 11.2 there’s no sign of it in GetIt. It’s not in the Registered Products Portal either.

@Malcolm are you able to confirm whether it is still supposed to be available please?

Thanks Lachlan, I’ve sent some queries into Embarcadero to see what the status is. Will post once I get some response.

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FastReport VCL is in Getit for 11.2…


Strange, it’s definitely still not visible in Delphi 11 GetIt from here.

Does your GetIt look like this with the same totals in the bottom left categories?

Hi Lachlan

I found Fast Reports a scroll or two down from the GetPage you supplied.



Do you see the same category counts (bottom left) as I have in that screenshot? e.g. 64, 18, 14, 17, 5, 4, 2, 2, 2

There’s something a bit funky going on with GetIt, I’m seeing different results on different computers.

I haven’t yet got FastReports from Delphi 11 GetIt but obviously some people are able to do so.

In case others have the same problem FastReports the company responded to my direct query to them and sent me the following URL for direct download of the embedded edition.

This might be completely off, but did you make the mistake of installing via the ISO instead of the web installer? I know that’s been an issue for some users before with prior versions. Otherwise it seems very weird that you have a different list of packages to anyone else as you would expect this list to be coming off a server.

Swapped some emails last night. Apparently FastReports was misconfigured in GetIt, which should now be fixed.

I couldn’t see it in 11.2 yesterday when you raised it, but I can this morning, so might be worth another look.


Thanks Malcolm, much appreciated.

It looks like FastReports wasn’t the only thing that was misconfigured in GetIt. Compare the totals on the screenshot below (taken this morning) with the totals on the screenshot above (taken yesterday). Yesterday my GetIt contained 64 items in total, now it has 385.