Which transport to use when connecting to a Firebird DB

Hi all,

Currently using,

  • Delphi 10.4
  • Firebird Data Base
  • Devart components as the Firebird interface
  • TIBCStoredProc as stored procedure interface

My application is current located on a local drive during development

The end product will need to reside on a server with a fixed IP address to the Firebird DB so that authorized user can log in from remote sites

The questions I have

Do I need to implement “transports” for the current Devart components (ie connection and stored procedure components) and if so which transports specifically

or are the Devart components on there own good enough to give the intended clients a reasonable quick access to the Firebird DB across an IP address type connection on a remote server

If not can anyone please point us to a better set of components/solution so we can make the upgrade before clients come on line.

Manny thanks in advance
Grant Brown