Why not come to Melbourne for the Symposium

Are you coming to Melbourne for the Symposium? If not, why not?

Covid has certainly shaken up the way we work and interact. Many ADUGers now use their cosy office at home and Zoom to work and participate in meetings.
It has become normalised.

Have you become a bit (more) of a recluse? Is the nerdy image more deserved now? Have we become too comfortable with sitting still?

Why not get out and come to Melbourne and the symposium, IN PERSON? Come and talk to real people. There are plenty of opportunities.

  • Lunch will be in the same room as the meeting, providing more opportunity to chat with more people
  • Tea and coffee will also be served in the same room, so no more queuing up at the bar and wasting valuable chat time
  • Two of our speakers will be presenting in person, ideal for having an extra discussion

Additionally, you can stay for dinner at the venue. Meals are bistro style, so you can choose whatever you would like, little meal, big meal, two desserts.

There are also lots of things to do to make a weekend of it. Bring the family to Melbourne.

  • Go to the theatre : choose from ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘&Juliet’ and more
  • Visit the LUME for the French Impressionism experience, What’s on - LUME
  • Check out The Australian Music Vault, a free permanent exhibition that showcases past and present Australian contemporary music. At Southbank, within the Arts Centre Melbourne.
    What’s on - Australian Music Vault
  • Go to the Melbourne Craft Fair at Queen Victoria Market, or the Makers Market (Sunday 30 April) at The District in Docklands
  • See the Pierre Bonard exhibition, Winter Masterpieces, at the NGV

For a longer list of some of the many things to see and do visit Things to do - What's On Melbourne

So come for the day, the weekend, or longer and remind yourself how good it is to be part of the symposium, and have some time away from the screen!

Symposium, 28th April 2023 at Chelsea Heights Hotel. Early bird for Melbourne closes 31st March.

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Can’t come because flight is exhausting besides being very expensive.
Plus, I am still on a diet so I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the food in the way I am absolutely keen to, i.e. by trying everything safe and accessible under the Sun :stuck_out_tongue:

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Because… I’ve been there before…


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You would be welcome to come again :wink:

Flight costs between Sydney and Melbourne of late have primarily ranged between expensive and extortionate.

However when I take a look now for flights on the day of the Symposium, they’re currently much more affordable.

Not as good as pre-pandemic prices but affordable enough to give serious consideration to the idea of booking a flight well in advance and attending in person.

A flight into Melbourne (from Sydney) on April 27th is $65-77 if you land at Avalon. Hardly the end of the world. The taxi from the airport to Chelsea hotel will likely cost more from either airport.

The real killer is the 7 nights of hotel stays until the Symposium starts on the 28th :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But there is so much to do in Melbourne :laughing:

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Frank Malcolm has suggested using REX. He has been flying with them for some time now, within NSW, Melbourne and back to Sydney.

Lowest cost, good in-flight