Windows 11 Released

Painful to install on a VM – keeps saying the target hardware is not supported, I had to manipulate files around to get it to install, basically running W10 installer to install W11. I hope they would fix it at some point, or the VM vendors would on their side…


If using Hyper-V (on Windows 10 host), I needed to ensure both ‘Secure Boot’ and ‘Enable Trusted Platform Module’ were ticked in Settings for the VM.

Yes I had an insiders build running recently in hyper-v - however the graphics capabilities in hyper-v fall short and windows 11 dumbs it’s ui down somewhat.

I build a new dev machine recently (amd ryzen 5950x) specifically so I can run W11 - I won’t jump on the upgrade straight away though (hasn’t been offered yet) - I’ll let it bake on others machines for a while first :wink: