X64 compiler problems

This may not be the most appropriate category, but there’s no “Compiler” category here and it’s more RTL than VCL, I guess :wink:

Just came across this rather consistent problem that plagues every x64 compiler in every Delphi version: “Build” option always works well, but doing “Compile” after any small code change would always produce a problematic executable that may crash at any time on any operation.

Just FYI. Hope it saves somebody from pulling out their hair for no good reason. Just always use Build in x64. Then if it still crashes, you’ll know it’s your bug and not a compiler glitch :wink:

I’ve had this issue with the Win32 compiler too, I always do a build.

IMHO, the Win64 compiler and debugger still have a long way to go in terms of quality - it’s the main reason I have not switched to 64bit yet for FinalBuilder.

I have had similar problems using Win32 on older versions of Delphi (XE2, Berlin).

I make a change and rebuild (I always do a rebuild).

When I run the program it sometimes does not go through code I know it definitely should go through.

Following the flow using the debugger I sometime see that the code is not being executed. (Sometimes the debugger does not miss the code - in this case my problem is resolved).

If I still have the error I normally manually delete dcu’s, exe’s etc and try again.


Ok, good to know, I was just lucky, then :wink:


Thanks for the details. I “usually” build anyway, but occasionally just lazily F9 it and then -=BANG=-

This particular project includes lots of libs and a build takes quite a few minutes, so maybe I was a tad more lazy in this instance.

I also noticed that linking takes 5-10 minutes here in x64, a lot longer than in x32. I generate detailed maps on build for stack trace reporting at runtime.