xProject F9 - pascal to web

Exciting news!

Starting May 1st, 2024, our revolutionary xProject, which seamlessly converts Delphi and Lazarus code into web apps without any modifications, will be available for beta testing.

Visit https://green-hill.srl to sign up and request access to the beta version by entering your email.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be among the first to experience the future of app development!

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Very interesting!

It’s always good to see tools attempting to do this but having spent 10 years building out tech in Delphi to deliver content for the web I really find it difficult when I see descriptions like “turn your app into a web site in one click” because it really isn’t that simple. You may be able to make something that runs in a browser but it’s visual appearance isn’t going to be acceptable against your competitors and/or the underlying security and frameworks required for modern web dev just aren’t going to be there. You have to treat the web with the respect it needs and follow its design patterns. You can’t just take a vcl or fmx app and output it to a browser and expect many people to be satisfied with that unless your audience has very low expectations.
With AI code gen tools now available, if your code has any chance of running on the web ie your business logic is properly separated from your UI one of the most likely strategies is converting those business logic classes to a language that’s designed to build web applications and then recreate the UI


I always cringe when I see these sorts of tools - they were great 20 years ago (intraweb), but the web has moved on.


Having taken a look at their website, I expect it’s possibly less a case of trying to take an existing project and convert it to a web app than building a new app from the ground up in tandem with it.

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On Facebook the poster of the announcement described it thus:

“seamlessly converts Delphi and Lazarus code into web apps without any modifications”
An impressive feat if true.

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