ADUG - TMS Web Core Study Group - First Meeting

Hello Follks!

At the online symposium we had quite a few attendees, who were interested to join a TMS Web Core study group of ADUG. We will have our first meeting on
Thursday, 30th September 2021 at 7:30 PM (AEST) on Zoom.

If possible, please watch the introduction video from Bruno Fierens here before joining us on the 30th September 2021.
Everything else (frequency of meetings, tasks, small presentations to explain a feature to a fewllow study group member, …) will be discussed within the group at the first meeting.


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Great video Mathias, very interesting. Consider me signed up for this.


What are the requirements to participate? Do you need to have a licence for TMS Web Core to be involved?

Me too. I have just purchased the book and the components.

No, you can download a trial version but you need to request a trial key (see also here). Since I do have a paid version I am not sure what the limitations are for the trial version. If it is too restrictive I would contact Bruno, give him a list of study group members, and ask for a longer lasting trial key.

I did send the message to Holger and Bruno that we get started on the 30th September 2021. So they are aware of our group effort.


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I ordered the book 2 days ago and it is here already!

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I’m probably 3/4 of the way through the book, and I’m getting more excited about this. I have that same feeling, thinking of all the possibilities, that I had when I went from C++ to Delphi all those years ago.

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I was excited with it as well and bought a copy of the webcore and that book.

Has anyone tried to write anything in it. I tried a simple form and I have 2 issues

  1. It will always launch in Edge. Firefox is my default browser and I have selected Firefox as the browser in Tools and project settings.

  2. I can not get it to load the image or css from a file. It will not find them.

If I run the html output, it runs in firefox and finds the files. But running the exe from outside the IDE, or running from inside the IDE tries to run in Edge and cant find the files. I have a ticket open and its been over a week. There has been some correspondence but nothing has happened.

Yesterday, I ran some of the demos, they run in firefox. So I investigated the files and found an ini file. From its contents, I think that this is what makes it work for the browser and external files. I have asked support, but there has been no reply. I am not impressed so far.

Hi Rohit,

Update: Oops, sorry, I see you’ve already set that. Let me see if I can find a Project setting

Not sure if you’re in Delphi or VS Code, but there is a setting in Delphi under Tools | Options | TMS Web where you can specify which browser to use. Page 37 of the Web Core Dev Guide has this shot:

What’s that set to?

If some examples use a different browser, might also be a setting in Project Options. I’m using VS COde so I can’t check.


Update: dammit, I did it again. You mentioned Project settings. Sorry Rohit, I’m going to shutup and have some coffee

In my Project Settings in VS Code I also have the same Browser setting, so I guess it’s probably in the Delphi Project Settings as well. I guess this is overriding your Tools | Options setting.

Update: Yep, there it is: