Generous discount from TMS for TMS Web Core Study Group attendees

Hi all,

You might have seen that Mathias has kicked off a study group, where a few of us are going to evaluate TMS Web Core and come together occasionally to compare notes, problem solve, etc. Think of it like a trial where you have people who are doing it at the same time to ask questions of.

Anyway, if you saw Holger’s Symposium session and you are kinda sorta interested, but maybe need a little push to get involved, Bruno at TMS has very kindly offered a 50% discount on a commercial license for anyone who attends the study group.

Note, you don’t need to buy it in order to take part in the study group, you can use the trial version for that. But if at the end of the trial you are keen to buy a license, your involvement in the study group will get you 50% off.

Note this is good for both TMS Web Core for Delphi and also VS Code.

If you’re keen, download and install the trial, and then join us online on Thursday night.



Hi all.

I can also add to that offer. In a recent upgrade we found ourselves with left over hosts.

We can offer a Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, physical host, 100Mbps fibre and a single static IP address.

Each machine is a Core i5 3.3GHz with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of HDD.
These are physical machines, not virtualized or shared in any way and no time based usage. 24 x 7.

We can offer these at a flat $60 per month ($2 per day) on a month by month arrangement.
Note as it’s Windows Pro you are limited to 20 connections as per the licensing terms.

Message me directly if you are interested.

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Thanks Malcolm

I would love to join the group this Thursday

Thanks for the discount offer, I already have one full licence at the moment

So far I have managed to get all my test projects to work on my local machine but have not tested them on our windows iis server
While I have installed Bootstrap 5 through the web core IDE I have not tested running any HRML/Css3 specific user scenario’s in the specific app I have decided to test functionality on.
I have recreated their demo’s though and all works as expected

Did not want to get into JS so have written my own single table test REST server from documentation from Craig Chapman


Rainer Sans

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Hey Rainer, sounds like you might be further along than me. I’ve done the basics just to get familiar, and as of a couple of nights ago I managed to get a super-simple app integrated into our wordpress site, so the page is served up by wordpress but one section of it is a TMS App. About to tackle styling.

What has impressed me so far is how often when I’m solving a problem, I just solve it like I would in Delphi. For example, there was one issue I hit with wordpress where the page url was not equivalent to the app location and as such it was having issues looking for my form html in the wrong place. I found the method where it was building the path in TCustomForm, replaced it with an override in my form, problem solved. It was only afterwards I realised I didn’t even think about the fact that this was javascript under the covers. I just did what I’ve been doing for 25+ years and it worked.

As an extension to this, @wlandgraf from TMS has also offered 50% off his TMS Web Core course for anyone taking part in the Study Group.

You can read more details of the course here and if you’re interested, I can give you the coupon code in the study group on Thursday.

Thanks @wlandgraf (and yes, this means Wagner is on the forum now).

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I am up fo rit, it will cut down the learning curve


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Seeing that I bought it only about 10 days ago. Is it possible for me to get that discount on some other TMS product ? :wink:

Apologies for last night Malcolm
A family matter came up and I was unable to join in.


Rainer Sans

Skype “Ray Sans”

No worries Rainer. I think we’re having another one next week, so not too late. Someone will post the link before hand.

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