Delphi Registration Failing

I am using Delphi Seattle, since 2015. Periodically Delphi really hangs and after killing it, Delphi fails to find valid registration. I have always just rolled back to a backup VM, copy my changes from my mirror drive and away I go.

Recently I had a problem with Delphi hanging when trying to insert a {$Include.

Despite rolling back, and again to an earlier backup, registration is still failing.

Emb replied
We received your recent request for technical support for Delphi 10 Seattle . Our records show the maintenance contract has expired for this product. Products with expired maintenance are not eligible for technical support.

If you would like to discuss your options with the maintenance renewals team please email a renewals representative at Please include this case number in your email.

This case will be closed.

I am now retired, no longer selling any software, just have my email and backup programs and a few things for friends … no money.

Any ideas?


This really is despicable business practice by embarcadero.

The best option is to contact your sales rep, in Australia that would be codepartners/@Malcolm - if they are not able to help then try @Marco_Cantu

Good luck.

Thanks for pinging me Vincent.

Ken, if you can send us an email on, we can try and get something sorted.

When this is about registration bumps, we can get that sorted through the sales side of embarcadero. Not sure that’s what your seeing though, but we can try and see what we can get happening.


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Thanks Malcolm, email sent. I have been working through the suggestions on the Emb web page if validation fails. There are no extra files in the Delphi bin dir. I am now looking at MalwareBytes AV to see if it could be causing issues.

Shouldn’t be. I’ve been running MBytes for years with Delphi (latest is Berlin) without an issue. But I guess it’s worth checking.

Same here … but something has changed … trying to eliminate anything listed by Emb

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Turned MBytes options off and it worked … turned them back on one by one and it still works … ggrr … but it wasn’t a “hard” failure …

I’ve noticed that Delphi seems to call home on startup. When running on a VM with no internet access, I noticed that Delphi tended to not load or take forever to load. Wonder if it has anything to do with the call home URL (haven’t tested or done any investigation so I may well be wrong) - anyone else know ?

Have not had Delphi fail on boot, always later on.

MBytes doesn’t seem to be the problem.

AND … I think I have found when it hangs … if I type


NOTE: no leading quote, I get a drop down with
reserved word begin
reserved word const


and it goes to lunck .

I can’t comment on this specific issue, but I have had similar sorts of things in the past (not recently) where it turned out to be a 3rd party IDE plugin that causes a problem.

Would a 3rd party plugin open a browser on an Emb page though?

Hi Robert

I have noticed that as well.

Turning off networking on my VM did help startup. The only trouble with
turning off networking is that I need it on.


Curious if anyone can reproduce my $INCLUDE problem … specifically I type

{$INCLUDE asAutoArrays’}


The line shows up with red squiggles, but it ignores it when compiling.
(No error, even when file doesn’t exist)

Hi Ken

Looking at my documentation (which may be old) the Include dollar option
takes only one parameter which is a filename.

My program compiled when I used you $INCLUDE line so it appears that the
second file name (containing the extra single quote) was ignored


Thanks for the replies.

If I use {$INCLUDE Fred1 Fred2 then as I push “.” a drop down list appears, Delphi becomes unresponsive and CPU goes high … IF Fred1 exists.

If Fred1 does not exist and I enter Fred2 and a “.” it is all ok.

If I include the opening quote, which is required as the filename contains a blank, all is ok.

So problem only seems to be
enter {$INCLUDE
forget opening quote
enter a filename to the blank, where that is an existing filename
then blank
the some text
then “.”



Try turning Code Insight off:

Yes that fixes it. Looking at the help I don’t think I made use of those features.

Now all I need is a fix for my registration! At present it is save every 30 seconds in case Delphi closes …

Well after over a week discussing this with Emb I have been informed it is a problem with F-secure. I understand this is an anti-virus. I do not have it installed that I know. I removed malwarebytes. I told Emb I removed anti virus but they say it is the fault of f-secure.

Worth asking for opinions in the MalwareBytes forum ?

BTW though - I’ve been using MBytes on all my desktops and laptops for years now and never had an issue with any Delphi versions. Also, if Emb can inform you of the relevant service/executable name, you can configure MalwareBytes to ignore it.