Functional style - examples

IMHO, I’m gunna say a dictionary of lambda functions is distinctly in this subject area.

I remember being pleased to see that suggested as a solution here, back in 2021.

Linq and Spring4D, both providing some functional style … a long time developing …

This is pretty much a perfect illustration of doing better, with better code.

C developer - Leap Years.

Haskell developer - Leap Years.

(explaining the use of gcd … What does GCD have in common with leap years? :: Palaiologos )

I would take the “lame” implementation above anything else on any day - and when I use a half-decent compiler it even turns the code into some reasonably fast operations.

You can lift a function into a container using Spring4D, right ?

Is this the way ?

I don’t know what that means. TEnumerable.Select<X,Y> transforms an IEnumerable<X> into an IEnumerable<Y> using the given function.

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Discussing Tuples, and Sum Types, on ADSP The Podcast episode 100. (7 min)

Conor Hoekstra & Bryce Adelstein both work for nVidia.
Bryce is the ISO chair for the Language Evolution Group of the C++ Committee.
Conor has a wide appreciation of languages, and in particular loves the array languages eg APL, BQN, Uiua, …

C++ is getting ‘Senders and Receivers’ in C++26.

Sean Parent, loooong time Adobe c++guru, tries to recreate the idea in a simple way - and it is a very functional flavour.

He also describes a similar approach used to implement Adobe Lightroom for mobile and tablets.

The podcast discussion, before the presentation above.


Composable concurrency … ?

Sync and async composition