This is a test email

This is a test email for gmail

and this is a reply

And another

hello fellow tester

can fellow tester reply now?

Nope, reply email is still wrong.

And I can’t reply to you either :confused:

Test reply

Replying using Reply to List… hope this works

It works :grinning:

But not from gmail. There is no reply to list option.

I guess you have to use Reply to All

This is from gmail

I found out why the sender email is - it’s that way in the container config. I have changed the setting but will need to rebuild the container to take effect… this will take the forums down for 10 minutes - I’ll take the opportunity to install updates to linux and reboot the machine while I am at it.

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Thank you for this

Testing again after container rebuild - I have to head out for an appointment so won’t see this till I get back.

I think this is worse. You are now

This is worse…

I think I prefer the and I still need ReplyAll in Gmail.

Looking in the Discourse forum, I can’t find a way to get the category email as the reply to address. There was a question a couple of years ago, but it didn’t really get answered.

The problem is that doesn’t resolve so will be
blocked by many anti spam services - there is no mx records for