Thoughts about Delphi 11

I installed Delphi 11 after the symposium last week. So I thought I would briefly tell about my experiences so far to help with migrating and when to migrate.

  • The install went without any problems.
  • Had to configure the setting for High DPI for my High DPI laptop screen
  • Found a bug in the REST components handling of parameters. An REST issue I reported last version has been fixed… but there is a new one when you want to send parameters as ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’

Packages that I have been able to install

  • EurekaLog
  • CnPack (Latest nightly build)
  • Project Magician
  • TMS VCL UI Pack ( I think all TMS components are now supported)

What I haven’t been able to install yet

  • TestInsight
  • jcl and jvcl (support is available in repository but not yet in GetIt)
  • ImageEn

What is everyone else’s experiences so far with Delphi 11?

Working OK - but it didn’t recognise my existing license (had to contact support).
Unless I am going blind, it also seems to be missing a lot of things in Getit. Specifically my favourite - Bookmarks - which is mentioned in the wiki [Bookmarks - RAD Studio]

Downloaded Codesite Express in Getit.

Then when I restart Delphi or load a project, displays a MessageBox ‘Can’t load package C:\Program Files (x86)\Raize\CS5…\CodeSiteExpressPkg_Design280.bpl. The specified module could not be found. Do you want to attempt to load this package next time a project is loaded?’

The weird thing is that C:\Program Files (x86)\Raize\CS5\Bin\CodeSiteExpressPkg_Design280.bpl does indeed exist.


The D11 release is a bit of a shambles right now.

Licensing issues

Getit packages missing or not compiled with the release version (which I suspect is the issue with codesight).

I’ll be giving 11.0 a miss - will test again when 11.1 comes out :roll_eyes:

So far so good. Looks stable when rebuilding installed component packages - something I do very often - and Code Insight with LSP seems to work nicely too.

Regarding the licensing issues, I needed to run License manager, delete the exiting serial key and add it again and then Delphi 11 Alexandria became activated. Not hard but tricky.

Looks like they may have fixed the licensing issues, at least I was able to register this time - not that I will be using it in anger(other than for supporting my open source projects).

I do know they have not fixed some high dpi issues that were reported for 10.4.x and affect my code - I wasted a lot of time (pretty much the last year) on supporting high dpi in my application (FinalBuilder) and I have now made the decision to leave it disabled by default because of the vcl bugs - I have enough support issues without people reporting things that I know are broken in the vcl.

To say I am upset with embarcadero not fixing things would be an understatement (FinalBuilder 9 would have been released long ago if I hadn’t wasted so much time on highdpi) - but since I know people get upset with me for pointing out issues with delphi here I’ll leave it at that.

Can you please elaborate on the High-DPI issues that haven’t been addressed in Delphi 11? High-DPI issues have been the bane of my existence for the past two years and I was Hoping Delphi 11 would sort it all out…

These are just some of the issues

Font.Size and Font.PixelsPerInch do not respect per-monitor scaling RSP-35021

Wrong re-scaling in High-DPI Styled and Constrained MainForm RSP-33760

TToolbar issues RSP-35352

VirtualImageList images grow when HighDPI=Auto RSP-34913

Common Dialogs don’t support Per Monitor V2 RSP-34122

There are plenty more, and then there are the IDE issues with 11.0 - just search Jira.

Oh and if you use VCL Styles, well that’s just another level of pain.

Hmm, is it just my faulty memory, or would OS2 have handled High-DPI ‘inherently’?

(it did resizing of windows in a completely different way to windows)

I never used OS2 for development so I can’t really comment on that.

Its not too stable. It crashes everytime I change projects. If I accidentally press Save, then half the current form disappears. Frankly I am sick of brand new IDEs every few years, I would rather have an ugly old stable one.

For installation, it didn’t install the fmx styles for me. When I tried again, it wanted to delete everything rather than repair. So for now, I have copied over the 10,.4 ones.

A bug that I have reported already is that if a filename contains a dot and an underscore then the component inside it does not get installed. That is Register does not execute.

Please include the link, so others may look it up and vote! :slight_smile:

I saw this link posted on delphipraxis"11.0%20Alexandria"%20ORDER%20BY%20priority%20DESC%2C%20updated%20DESC

546 issues for D11 so far - to be fair, some will be user error or duplicates, but still that’s eye watering.

I think this is just mean. Period.

What is mean? Me posting the link or the fact that people are having issues with D11?

You know what I “mean”

One good news is that they have finally fixed the LSP. In all previous incarnations of the LSP (server), they would overwhelm my system, running at 100% even when nothing in the code had changed. I was running Bill2’s Process manager to kill them automatically when they started, so that I could use the system.

Finally they are well behaved. :clap:t4:

That is good news

From my limited experience with D11 - I would say it’s a lot better, but still has issues with some language features and with navigation. Like most new features in Delphi, it needs a few versions to get up to standard.

I’m still using the Classic code insight in 10.4 - with all it’s issues, it still works better than LSP - navigating between projects in a project group in particular. They have removed Classic from 11 so it’s LSP or nothing.

TestInsight, JCL, JVCL and ImageEn can now be installed in Delphi 11.