New Delphi Books

Delphi Thread Safety Patterns

Writed by : Dalija Prasnikar, Neven Jr Prasnikar

Published date : 31/05/2022


Delphi Legacy Projects : Strategies and Survival Guide

Writed by : William Meyer

Published date : 02/06/2022

[EDIT] PDF version is now available (26/06/22)

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Delphi MVC Framework - the official guide

Delphi Programming Checklist

Writed by : Marco Geuze

Published date : 12/05/2022

Free. 42 pages. A marketing tool, I guess. Asks you to submit an email address (… not at the link below).

04 Intro
05 Use the right tools
08 Stay away from the mouse!
10 Clean code
12 Solid principles
40 Coding, the Delphi way
42 Next steps

The Little Book Of Delphi Programming: Learn To Program with Object Pascal Paperback – 24 February 2020

by Huw Collingbourne

How to Program Effectively in Delphi for AS/A Level Computer Science by Dr Kevin R Bond published November 2021, 1200 pages

How to Program Effectively in Delphi For AS/A Level Computer Science by Dr Kevin R Bond.

Currently discounted 25%.
Available in print form from our Australian distributors, AUS $80 + P & P, also available as a pdf AUS $53.
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Sample chapters available from
Declaration of interest: I am the author.

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